Monday, June 29, 2009

Been a while!

Eek! It's been a while since our last post. CC is fine, up to date on all her shots as am I. Ironically she only had 2, whereas I had 3, which means I get to complain more. But CC's vet gave her babyfood (great idea, gonna have to steal that!) right after her lepotsospirois (spelling?) shot.
We live in an area with a lot of squirrels, mice, raccoons, and the oddball bunny rabbit, and CC, being a true shiba inu, is my mighty hunter. Yesturday she killed a fly! Next week, it could be an elephant! (In her dreams, probably not in reality). Back to the shot: it's a good idea to innoculate your animals against this as this nasty little bug is transported via water by CC's favorite food: squirrels and mice. Since it knocks out the kidneys and is a horrible way to die, we decided to go for it.
Not everyone chooses to innoculate their dogs against lepo, as it's not that serious of a deal if your dog doesn't chase squirrels, drink out puddles imagining she's a wolf, or do anything that dogs like to do. Like be dogs.
Also while we were at the vet, we were told that her heart murmur is a congenital defect, that's so minor that the vet wouldn't have picked up on it unless she was listening for it! Yeaaaaaaaaay! Green light for good health. I was really worried about her health as she's getting to be an older dog, and as I'm getting closer to graduating the more worried I am about not having enough time to catch little things before they become big things.
On cheerful, non health related news, I've chickenwired the deck so there's no possible of CC experimenting with flight. Even though she might think she's a rocket, the laws of gravity still apply to her, like everyone else. Expect possibly cats, as I've seen them defy the rules of gravity and logic multiple times. Case in point, my parent's new cat, who I can't figure out if he's a tad mentally challenged or if he just thinks he's a gecko, and can walk on everything. Ceilings included if the laser pointer goes there.
Anyways, this concludes another moment in the adventures of CC Lemon!

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