Saturday, July 18, 2009

Don't feed me Chinese food

Today was an eventful day. Mom and dad ordered Chinese food a couple of nights ago and were eating left overs. I, being the respectful Shiba that I am, made some observances about their eating habits until Mom, being oh so wonderful and generous, which I am sure is wonderful karma, gave me several pieces of chicken from her chicken fried rice leftovers. It was delicious.
After that, Mom vaccumed the rug while I gleefully attacked that horrible machine. I victoriously beat that machine back to the closet.
Then mom made a cup of coffee and while I looked at her lovingly, I threw up. Several times.
On the rug.

Moral of this story: Don't feed me Chinese.

Now I shall rest sadly in my bed till I feel better.

~C.C. Lemon, destroyer of Vaccums

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